Hello, I'm Brooke, entrepreneur and photographer behind Brooke Bailey Photography. I'm also a Baylor girl, marketing nerd, dog-lover, and Arkansas home-grown.

In addition to running my photography business, I work full time as a marketing professional in downtown Fort Worth.
Besides those Kodak disposable cameras, my first camera was a Barbie Polaroid camera! Yep, that's right, the kind that produces pictures right out of the camera, and you have to blow on them or shake the photo paper to dry it. I loved taking pictures of my friends, little sister and family members with that clunky thing. I was always making sure we captured family birthdays, Thanksgivings, and Christmases on film. It was important to me. I soon became the designated "picture taker" in the family (and still am!)
After working as a photographer for a children's camp, studying the art of photography in Italy, and interning with one of the best photographers in North Texas, I knew I had to pursue this dream. While I was still working on my undergraduate degree, I started my photography business. It's been quite the adventure since then, but I've loved learning from every single hill and valley.
It is so important to me that we capture those precious moments - the kind that go by before you know it and wished you had photographed. I want to be there for your big and small moments (sometimes the smaller moments are just as special) and help fill your home with memories. With photographic art, we have the ability to preserve those memories and create heirlooms that you and your family will cherish for a lifetime.
I truly believe that your moments are worth capturing. If I can be of help to you in photographing those moments, please contact me. I love getting to know people and love it even more when we get to work together!

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