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Monday, March 06, 2017
By Brooke Bailey Photography
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Raise your hand if you've busted a phone and lost pictures before (me!). These stats from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) really bring home the importance of print photography and why we should not solely rely on digital formats. I appreciate the new and creative ways we can share images digitally, but when it comes to my home and my memories, I find more value and security in print. Watch PPA's video to see the stats and learn more.

Preserve Your Family Memories with Printed Photographs

The 21st century has created a problem for our family memories - most people no longer print their family photos! It's common to hear about a lost phone, hard drive, or online storage failure causing the loss of family photos - and by extension these priceless memories! Working with a professional photographer can ensure that your family memories are preserved by creating printed photography products that you can display in your home. Help pass your memories down to the next generation!

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