Top 4 Things I Learned at Turn It Up
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Thursday, February 23, 2017
By Brooke Bailey Photography
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For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Turn It Up is an online conference hosted by the International Academy of Wedding Photographers. Fourteen top-of-line photographers and business owners each take an hour to share their words of wisdom about the photography business...Things like - social media branding, how to make your clients feel loved, and how to get more bookings.


I attended this conference last September and gained so much insight, so I was excited to hear that they were hosting another one in February. I've mentioned this before, but I am a nerd at heart. I absolutely love learning! Even though I'm not back in school, I still try to pursue education in marketing, business, and photography - my passions.




Here are my TOP FOUR take-aways from Turn It Up:

1. Share love. Be kind. Do nice things for people, including vendors, other photographers, and clients. - Justin and Mary Marantz.


When you show people love and do business from a genuine place, people will show you love back. One example Justin and Mary mentioned was doing unexpected things for people that mean a lot to them. For example, helping another photographer or vendor move. This could show up in the client experience, where you gift your clients with something thoughtful out of the blue. It can take shape in a lot of ways.



2. Be real. - Jenna Kutcher.


This is such a simple, yet beautiful truth. Jenna is known for her authenticity with the public eye. She often shares the good, the bad, and the not so pretty with her clients, so that they can truly get to know her. I think this is a beautiful thing. Of course, not everyone feels comfortable sharing every detail of their life on Instagram (and you don't have to), but the point is to be true to yourself - no matter how you choose to show that truth to your clients. You will naturally attract like-minded people - also known as your tribe. Hope Taylor addressed this as well. She made a great point: By being personable and relatable on social media, you get to show people that there is a person behind the camera, business and social media account.



3.  New goal: Get published. - Mary, from Two Bright Lights.


I have never really considered the thought of being published as a photographer. After all, I'm not a fashion photographer trying to get featured in Vogue. However, Two Bright Lights is a company that helps portrait and wedding photographers get published in publications across the nation. One example is The Knot, a popular wedding publication. Now, while I am not a wedding photographer, I do take engagement, bridal, newborn, family, maternity, and high school senior portraits - all areas which interest a variety of magazines. I guess some people might think this would be a no-brainer, but honestly it really hadn't crossed my mind or even seemed like a priority. Now it does. Publishing can do great things for your business. It increases credibility, awareness, and makes your clients who are featured very happy. I'm definitely adding this one to my goals for this year. 



4. Make your clients feel loved. - Devin and Kathryn, from Anchor & Veil Photography


Devin and Kathryn gave me some amazing perspective on how to make your clients say "wow." They really addressed how to enhance the client experience. One example they gave was of a bride who recently lost her grandfather. They went through every picture of him from the bride's wedding and gave her a small print of each picture. You know that bride will cherish those memories forever, and what an amazing gesture from Devin and Kathryn. To me, this is going above and beyond and making authentic connections with clients. That is what I want as well.


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