Where to get adorable AND affordable newborn photography props
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016
By Brooke Bailey Photography
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When booking a newborn session, a lot of my clients ask me if I have any photo props of my own...My answer: Yes! I LOVE newborn photo props. While I do have a lot of props, I know some parents have specific items that they'd like to buy for their sessions. Photographers - I'm letting you in on this awesome info, too! I'm going to share with you some of my favorite vendors, as well as some other sources where you can still get adorable newborn props, but at a cheaper price.

My TOP THREE Newborn Prop Sources:

1. Beautiful Photo Props

I absolutely LOVE this online shop. Based in Missouri, they ship all over the world, and the turn around time is pretty quick too. I get most of my items within a few days. Kimberly, the owner, also has fantastic customer service. She will respond to your Facebook messages very promptly and is always willing to help if you have any concerns. In addition, the products are high quality. She offers everything from big backdrop blankets and small chunky blankets to knit hats and even birds nests!
​Highly recommend.


2. Roses and Ruffles

Roses and Ruffles primarily offers backdrops and stretch wraps. In fact, you can get a discount on wraps when you add it to your backdrop order. The blanket backdrops aren't cheap, but they photograph nicely.





3. Etsy

You can find almost anything on Etsy, right? I like searching for specific items on Etsy and looking at my different vendor options. Often times you can find the same type of product offered by several vendors; then you can decide which price point and quality level you want to go with. I can find some good deals on here, as well as specialty items!




There are a variety of places to find newborn props where you least expect it.

  • TargetWalmart, and Bed Bath Beyond are great for finding blankets! Often times, they're much cheaper than what you can find at online prop shops. Sometimes you can even find other types of props such as baskets or chairs to use. I've even seen cute little knit hats at Target before that I've used!
  • Hobby Lobby is home of everything crafty. You can find all sorts of creative things to use for sessions such as chalkboards, baskets, trunks, and even furniture! (Psst...Don't forget to download the 40% coupon on your phone at checkout!)
  • Local baby boutiques: These are all over the DFW area! I've had several clients bring in their own wraps and little props they purchased from baby boutiques. Ask your mommy friends for a list of their favorites or do an online search for stores in your area!​​​​
  • DIY. That's right - Do. It. Yourself. This method can be a little more intensive (and intimidating), but it can also be super rewarding. I have to admit, I don't do a ton of DIY props because I don't have a lot of free time, and I'm not that talented at creating things with my hands. However, I have had a couple of success stories with DIY props, and I even have a project coming up that I'm going to work on. If you can knit or crochet though, you've got it made when it comes to baby blanket props (skills I definitely need to learn)! There are tons of free resources on Pinterest that provide detailed instructions on how to make certain props. You might want to give DIY a shot! Just don't blame me for any Pinterest fails ;).
  • Which speaking of...Pinterest is yet another good resource where lots of vendors actually sell their products (some even at a discounted price.)
  • Lastly, your mom friends can be a great resource! A lot of parents purchase items to use for their newborn 's session and then never use it again. Lots of people are happy to sell or even give away the items they bought for this one-time experience and feel joy seeing other people getting use out of their purchase. ​
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